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Showdown In The Downtown

The Showdown in the Downtown was founded in 2009 by Dr. Faisal Rehman.  The initial purpose of this yearly charitable event was to raise research funds for The Matthew Mailing Centre for Translational Transplant Studies and the Lilibeth Caberto Kidney Clinical Research Unit.  However, given the tremendous success of this event, the beneficiaries have expanded to help alleviate homelessness, mental health conditions, and to help serve special needs populations.


This yearly event primarily features combat sports events involving amateur and professional Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts.  The event simulates a Las Vegas like atmosphere with food, drink and an amazing silent auction. The Showdown has also featured musical concerts with acts like Jim Cuddy, Chantal Kreviazuk, Our Lady Peace and Jann Arden.  Over 15 years, the Showdown has raised over $3 million for a variety of charities.

       This year, for our 16th annual event, we have the following beneficiaries:


  • The Lilibeth Caberto Kidney Clinical Research Unit is a 4000 square foot facility conducting over 30 clinical trials to better the lives of patients living with kidney disease.

  •  The Matthew Mailing Centre for Translational Transplant Studies named in honor of Matthew Mailing who passed away at the age of 34 after a heart transplant, focuses on conducting basic science research to develop novel therapies for patients receiving kidney, pancreas, heart, liver and lung transplantation.

  • Making Mindfulness Matter is a concurrent parent and child program that offers a new approach to parenting in stressful situations and helps children build skills to manage their emotions and behaviors and build caring relationships with those around them.

  • The Renal Patient Assistance Fund at London Health Sciences Centre helps patients on dialysis who are unable to afford groceries, or travel to medical appointments.

  • The Fierce N Fit Special Needs Charitable Organization uses the sport of boxing to enhance the lives of young adults living with Down Syndrome, Aspergers, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurodevelopmental conditions. 

  • The Unity Project for the Relief of Homelessness in London provides home like shelter to our citizens facing homelessness.

  • PHSS Medical and Complex Care provides support and housing to people living with physical and developmental disabilities.

  • The Mary J Wright Youth and Development Clinic, Western University’s has been helping London-area children and families access affordable mental health care.

  • DeafBlind Ontario Foundation raises, invests and directs funds to DeafBlind Ontario Services who supports people who are deafblind, as well as those living with a developmental disability who are Deaf, hard of hearing or use non-traditional forms of communication.

What Did You Do Today? (PDF)


By contributing to Showdown In The Downtown and supporting our efforts to fund vital research projects, you can help us achieve our shared mission of preventing kidney disease. Our charity event provides a platform for Canadians to come together and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by kidney failure. Whether it’s by attending our fundraising events or making a donation, your support can help us make a significant impact towards finding a cure for kidney disease.



Dr. Faisal Rehman


Francee Ender
Ender &  Associates


Karen Bax
Lindsay Caldwell
Lauri Cameron
Jamie Champion
Marianne Fraser
Leslie Giesbrecht
Dariusz Goździk
Karen Jackson
Maria Bastasin

Taveena Kum
Lindsay Manz

Rachel Oegema
Jennifer Rombouts
Charlene Smolen
Mary Jane Symonette

Rosie Triebner

Tammy Willert
Susan Manahan




A Special thanks to the following businesses above that graciously assisting the 

the charity through their financial corporation support.

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